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Prière de St Ignace

 « Seigneur Jésus,
apprenez-nous à être généreux,
à vous servir comme vous le méritez,
à donner sans compter,
à combattre sans souci des blessures,
à travailler sans chercher le repos,
à nous dépenser sans attendre d’autre récompense
que celle de savoir que nous faisons votre Sainte volonté. »

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Hence I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you through the laying on of my hands.

(2 Tm 1.6)

Jubilate 2021

Ordo virginum :

50th anniversary Celebration in Jerusalem

from 23 to 31 January 2021


Let us give thanks ! Let us rejoice !

And let us welcome all the graces

That the Spouse  wants to spread to His Church today


Jerusalem, 15 October 2019

To consecrated virgins of all nations, and to their bishops:


The Ordo Virginum will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the new consecration Ritual for virgins in Rome on 31 May 2020.

Following this Jubilee, consecrated virgins and bishops are invited to “ascend to Jerusalem” (Ps 122) where they may experience a retreat-pilgrimage with the aim of giving thanks to God for this growing reality of the Church that is both recent and ancient. The theme of this pilgrimage will be the Mystery of the Alliance: from the Tent of Meeting (Exodus) to Heavenly Jerusalem (Book of Revelation).


  • Daily : prayer time in specific locations[1], to bring together the desires of the  Heart of the Spouse  for the Church of our times, and to let us remember and renew our respective vocations.
  • Places : after some time spent in the desert, we will stay in Jerusalem
  • During the retreat: ample opportunities will be provided for Liturgy and meditation of the Scriptures, as well as teachings, time alone and… to party!


This project was inspired from prayers to five French consecrated virgins, as an extension of the international Ordo virginum meetings organised by Renée de Tryon-Montalembert (ov Paris), a consecrated virgin who has been very active in the renewal of the Ordo virginum.

Mgr Pierbattista Pizzaballa (Apostolical Administrator of the Jerusalem diocese) fully supports this initiative (see enclosed letter).


Let us rejoice together! We count on your enthousiasm and help to bring this project to fruition. Please forward this invitation as quickly and as widely as possible! We expect 500 participants.



The Jubilate[2] Team : Agnès Staes (ov Arras), Edith-Marie Dubrulle (ov Paris),
Agnès de l’Eprevier (ov Autun), Christel Koehler (ov Paris), Geneviève Lecoq (ov Lyon)


Two ways to experience this project : going to Israel or praying in communion with the pilgrim booklet

Organisation in Israel : Obrat-Tours Israel

Programme and registration : www.voir-entendre-decouvrir.org

Registration dates : from 1 November 2019 to 15 August 2020


[1] We will be able to offer additional organised pilgrimages for a few days to small groups wishing to visit holy sites not covered in this programme.

[2] Contact in Jerusalem : Agnès Staes - 1 Caspi St, Appt. 3 - 93554 Jerusalem – Israel

e-mail: 2021jubilate@gmail.com