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Prière de St Ignace

 « Seigneur Jésus,
apprenez-nous à être généreux,
à vous servir comme vous le méritez,
à donner sans compter,
à combattre sans souci des blessures,
à travailler sans chercher le repos,
à nous dépenser sans attendre d’autre récompense
que celle de savoir que nous faisons votre Sainte volonté. »

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The agency Obrat Tours takes care of all the logistics, i.e. from your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport on Saturday January 23rd until your departure at the airport on Sunday January 31st (or four days later if you want to join the touristic program proposed after our pilgrimage-retreat). 

Dates: 23/1 - 31/1/2021

Price:        1665 US
D per person for a triple room.

                  1700 USD per person for a double room. 

                  2120 USD per person for a single room

Possible supplements:
      - The night of 24/1/2021 in a normal room (instead of a tent):
        50 USD per person for a double room.
        90 USD per person for a single room.

      - 5 supplementary days organized by the agency (31/1 - 5/2/2021)*:

                  triple room: 800 USD per person for the 5 nights.

                 double room: 825 USD per person for the 5 nights.
                 single room: 1155 USD per person for the 5 nights.
 * rates for groups of minimum 30 people.
>> To see the different rates according to the number of people, click here: http://img2.tapuz.co.il/CommunaFiles/57486727.pdf

 - Private transfer to the airport at your return (in case the time of your return flight differs from that of the other participants): 75 USD per transfer (up to 6 people per transfer; the price will be divided among the participants).

NOTE: Fares have been calculated based on the current exchange rate of the Shekel against the US dollar (1USD = 3.40 NIS). In the event of a drastic change in the exchange rate, Obrat Tours reserves the right to readjust the rates accordingly.


Those who want to follow the pilgrimage at home can click on the following link: http://www.voir-entendre-decouvrir.org/jubilate-2021/


To begin the registration process, please enter your passport and credit card numbers to confirm (the same card may be used, if you wish, to pay the registration fee). Enter also your flight information (if you already have them).

For the registration please clik Here.

You are responsable to book yourself your flight for arrival and departure.

We urge everyone to arrive on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 before 7pm at Ben Gurion Airport.

Thank you very much.

Solutions will be provided for those arriving 24 hours in advance. Thank you to inform the agency.

If you are several from the same country, consider whether it’s not worth it to order a group ticket.


If you want to go to the Website of the Agency, please click HERE

and go on JUBILATE 2021

Do you need a visa to come in Israël ?

 Please see the list of the Countries which need a visa to enter in Israël click HERE