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Prière de St Ignace

 « Seigneur Jésus,
apprenez-nous à être généreux,
à vous servir comme vous le méritez,
à donner sans compter,
à combattre sans souci des blessures,
à travailler sans chercher le repos,
à nous dépenser sans attendre d’autre récompense
que celle de savoir que nous faisons votre Sainte volonté. »

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“As signs of the Church as Bride,

may you always be women of joy!”

Message of Pope Francis to the consecrated virgins,

May 31, 2020

To you, dear friends of the project Jubilate 2021,

  • You, consecrated virgins, who have registered for this pilgrimage,
  • You, bishops, who encourage and support us paternally,
  • You, priests and lay people, who agreed to help with animation or teaching during this retreat,
  • You who are waiting for us in Israel,
  • You who provided translations in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Czech,
  • You who spread the information,
  • All of you, our friends, who joined the network of intercessors and who pray ardently, aware of the challenges,
  • You who help us with your precious advice or your donations,
  • You who are involved in this project in a thousand and one ways,


                                                  To all of you: thank you!


Time has come to give you some news.         

You must have been expecting it because you are aware that many projects around the world have been shaken up lately. Ours cannot escape this "upheaval", all the more so as we hoped to gather, from January 23 to 31, 2021, people from all continents. So it’s very soon, and it’s too soon.

We do not know how the pandemic will develop, we do not know when Israel will reopen its borders, or to which countries. Too many unknowns, too many uncertainties.

We are therefore obliged to postpone the project to an undetermined date.


The preparation was well advanced. The agency had planned all the material organization. In different places of the country, one was joyfully preparing to welcome us. We had chosen speakers. We wanted to prepare the times of prayer for several linguistic groups, according to the registrations and the participation of different countries.


We have, of course, prayed a lot in recent weeks and taken advice.

As one of the speakers said to us: "We will have to see when the kaïros and the chronos coincide.

When God has a plan, it can be delayed, but the plan takes place. God wanted to bring the Hebrews into the Promised Land. It happened 40 years after the scheduled date, but it happened!


Be assured, patience is certainly a fruit of the Spirit, but we do not intend to wait 40 years!

Mgr. Pizzaballa hopes that this project can be carried out as soon as the conditions are met. He is waiting for us. The Church of Jerusalem is waiting for us to celebrate this great jubilee!


The decree promulgated on May 31, 1970, entered into force in January 1971.

For the 50th anniversary of these two dates, so important for the Ordo virginum, we were delighted to meet sisters from all over the world, during the two major international meetings that were planned: in Rome in May 2020, in Jerusalem in January 2021.

As of this Pentecost, we entered, all the same, in a movement of deep jubilation for the graces received during these fifty years.

Yes, we have resolutely taken this path of joy, and we want to continue to follow it, in any way possible.

We believe it: going up to Jerusalem together will be an important moment in our Jubilee, an important moment for the Ordo virginum.

We are expected there to sing our joy together, to intercede together on Golgotha, to shout together Marana Tha!

We are expected to listen together to hear what the Bridegroom is saying to the Church today. In these times so difficult, so painful, so uncertain, this approach seems to us even more important than what we had thought!


We are confident that, with the renewed support of Mgr. Pizzaballa, we will be able to give you a new date quickly. We can continue to pray and prepare.

We are counting on you!


Jerusalem, 2020, 7 June, Trinity Sunday,

The Jubilate 2021 team